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Pin Trading….at Universal Studios?

Posted in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS with tags on September 29, 2012 by disneychronicles

So as you may know by now our family does participate in pin trading at Disney. Yes, I use the word participate lightly!

Since it is really more of an obsession. Well for my husband and my boys anyway. I admit I do have a few but I stick with the  special event or passholder ones.

Sunday we spent the day at Universal Studios. I had no idea that they have pin trading at Universal. To be honest it has been a while since we really took the time to walk through this park and I’m sure I just missed it.

Well it’s not the same but for those who want to do it, it’s there.

It is much more low-key and not hyped up like Disney’s, I think that in my opinion they tried it but it didn’t take.

Here are a few examples…

Will you do it?

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