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Disney Safety….who knew…

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There is a guideline at Disney called the Operation Hourly Ride Capacity (OHRC) which dictates how many people should get on each ride per hour.  This is the number they found made things safe and enjoyable and is the maximum number of Guests the park employees and security guards could safely handle. The OHRC was invented as a way to combat the long lines by creating an assembly-line quota to get everyone through the park.

Did you ever think of all the safety regulations that happen behind the scenes at the happiest place on earth…

Since Disney began building and operating theme parks in the 1950’s, the Company has established hundreds of internal standards for the development and operation of theme park attractions.

Did you know….More than one hundred Cast Members are stationed along the parade route as a contingency against unexpected occurrences, such as children running out into the path of an oncoming parade, and to guide Guests to evacuation routes in the event of an emergency.

Disney is also extremely concerned about the quality and safety of its consumer products, especially those products that are enjoyed by children. The Product Integrity group reviews the safety of all consumer products sold or distributed by Disney.



Because a wide range of expertise is needed for successful safety programs, Disney’s safety departments include people from a variety of safety-related professions and occupations, medical doctors, nurses, former police officers and FBI detectives, professional engineers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, ergonomists, people with master’s degrees in public health, certified food professionals, registered sanitarians, registered microbiologists and biologists, among others.

According to Walt …The safety and security of our guests and our cast members is of paramount importance to me.

“You can dream, create, design and build

the most wonderful place in the world. . .
but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”


Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade

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Mickey Mouse and Minnie lead off on a festive float with decorations of oversize fireworks and noisemakers. Dozens of performers in bright costumes wave flags and streamers and kick up their heels along the route; the parade stops at three locations for high-energy dance numbers. (All the female performers had their hair cut in the same very short styles…interesting, yes I notice these things) LOL

Six other floats follow with Pinocchio, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Beast, Ariel, Prince Ali, Mary Poppins, Alice (of Wonderland), and others. The villains float scares up laughs with Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, The Wicked Queen, and Jafar. The Holiday finale  features Beauty and the Beast.

Parade Tip….

Parade viewing in the Frontierland area is not as busy as on Main Street U.S.A. or in front of Cinderella Castle. If the parade begins in Frontierland, sit near the beginning, so you can be the first to leave. You can get there early and get great seats, but since you are leaving first, you will be sure to find a shorter wait at an attraction or food and beverage location since everyone else will still be watching the parade. Make sure you are seated on the side of the street you want to be on once the parade is over.

Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade

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The animal-themed parade includes Mickey, Minnie, and Donald, animal puppets, stilt walkers, and strolling Disney characters.  Starts at the Tusker House Gate at Harambe Village. It winds through Disney’s Animal Kingdom and returns to the Tusker House Gate.


The parade does a loop through the park. Part of the route (near the Safari entrance in Africa) the parade actually goes through twice (at the beginning and end). If you get a spot here just before parade starts, you can watch it go by once and then wait for it to come by the other way. After the first pass, most guests leave and you have your choice of front row seats without having to line up an hour beforehand! whooo hooo

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