So it STARTED out being a Great Weekend….

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This past weekend we had a training convention at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club.

I won’t bore you with the minor details of it all but it was fun and educational. (I will be posting individual post for each event in a little more detail in the coming weeks.)

Friday night it started out with a trade show and a cocktail reception all fine and dandy. Saturday we had a ship inspection on the Disney Fantasy! I really need (want) to sail this ship!


Saturday night we had a surprise event at Animal Kingdom after it closed!

How awesome is that! It started with some appetizers and cocktails then moved on to dinner at the Tusker House restaurant.

After dinner we moved to another area which was set up with coffee and desserts! and for the finale a no wait no lines chance to get on and ride Expedition Everest! (as many times as you please) :-/

Well for the record I only rode once! Yup you got it…that’s all it took! so this is where it all went down hill! ūüė¶

After ALL the eating that had just commenced you would think that maybe I would be a little smarter then to jump on a rickety super fast 50 mph with an 80′ drop roller coaster that also goes backwards.

Ahhhhhh but NO I suppose I could blame it on peer pressure but off I went! and since there was no line the only chance for hesitation was perhaps when I heard the clink of the lap restraint.

Oh yeah and did I mention it was DARK!

Well we all know how this ended (me behind a bush) didn’t even make it to the bathroom! Well not the first time anyway!

And THANKS to the GREAT Disney gift bag I was handed as I wearily schlepped myself out of the park I was able to finish on the bus on our way back to my hotel. A little graphic… yes I suppose.

(No worries no gifts were damaged, I had removed them first) ūüėÄ

So it was a horrible ending to an otherwise fabulous night!

So have you rode it? did you like it?

So some may not know…what is Expedition Everest exactly? and what’s the story?

Check it out here….

The following morning as I DRAGGED myself out of bed we were scheduled on a 8 hour VIP tour of Universal Studios.

No way was I missing that! I did forego most of the rides….do it once shame on me but twice oh NO!

It was a great tour!

More on that to come!



Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge was designed by architect Peter Dominick, who is also known for the Fort Wilderness Lodge and¬†Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.¬†It opened on April 16, 2001.
Animal Kingdom Lodge has a massive mud fireplace, huge carved wood pillars, and giant showcase window facing the savanna. In the lobby are fascinating artifacts. It is beautiful! and as always the theming is fabulous!!
There is a semi-circular layout that ensures most rooms overlook the 30-acre savanna, allowing guests views of the birds, giraffes, and array of other African animals that call the savanna home.
(Book the savanna rooms).
Among the animals you may see are Ankole Cattle, Bontebok, Eland, Zebra, Greater Kudu, Impala, Okapi, Red River Hog, Nyala, Reticulated Giraffe, Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope, Thompson’s Gazelle, Waterbuck, White-Bearded Wildebeest, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Blue Crane, East African Crowned Crane, Greater Flamingo, Marabou Stork, Ostrich, Pink-Backed Pelican, Spur Winged Geese, Guinea Fowl and Ruppel’s Griffon Vulture!
There are 972 rooms, 499 suites or villas.¬†Restaurants, bar, golf course, pools, gym, spa, children’s programs, laundry facilities, and a business center.
In addition to the Uzima pool and slide, there’s a wading pool for little ones, unique animal-themed activities for everyone in your family, a 24-hour, high-tech game room and a 24-hour playground.

Mickey’s Jammin Jungle Parade

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The animal-themed parade includes Mickey, Minnie, and Donald, animal puppets, stilt walkers, and strolling Disney characters.  Starts at the Tusker House Gate at Harambe Village. It winds through Disney’s Animal Kingdom and returns to the Tusker House Gate.


The parade does a loop through the park. Part of the route (near the Safari entrance in Africa) the parade actually goes through twice (at the beginning and end). If you get a spot here just before parade starts, you can watch it go by once and then wait for it to come by the other way. After the first pass, most guests leave and you have your choice of front row seats without having to line up an hour beforehand! whooo hooo

Festival of the Lion King

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Festival of the Lion King brings the familiar characters of the Disney animated classic film The Lion King from the movie screen to the stage .

This scheduled 30-minute big-as-Broadway live show combines the pageantry of a parade with a tribal celebration.

This is my favorite show at the Animal Kingdom. ¬†It will keep adults and kids entertained. ¬†It does have a story line but they incorporate so much more into the show (juggling, dancing, acrobats) that even the youngest child will love it. ¬†I truly became a Disney “FAN” when I had children. Seeing it through their eyes really made me truly appreciate it. ¬†Now I am officially “HOOKED”.

I do have to say though that while we were there we sat next to an older couple, by older I mean well into their 70’s. It was fun to watch them enjoy the show and believe me they did. They sang every song and danced throughout the entire 30 minutes. Just a little more of the Disney magic I guess! Don’t miss this! It’s really worth seeing!

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