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Mexico!!!…..yeah ok it was at Epcot!

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So it’s no SURPRISE…I Love Mexico! I try to get there at least once a year weather its to a resort or at least a stopover on a cruise.

I just find that the country has the friendliest and most hospitable people! I have never had a bad trip there! so yes of course I have to get my fix every now and then and stop in at Epcot!

The Mexico pavilion resembles a Mesoamerican pyramid. The nightly fireworks show “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth” is controlled from a small office atop the building. The office’s window is barely visible from street level, but can be seen at an angle.

Visitors enter through a display of Mexican artwork. The main room is the home to a twilight-lit Mexican marketplace, Plaza de los Amigos. At the edge of the plaza, a restaurant, San Ángel Inn, overlooks an indoor lagoon. To the side of the plaza, a boarding area leads to a boat ride, Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros.

I also must mention a pit stop along the way….

…and the shopping! (yes, it is all made in Mexico)

When you walk into the Mexican Pavilion it looks as if you are walking into a small Mexican village, complete with “outdoor” shopping. You can buy traditional Mexican souvenirs from marble mules, lace off the shoulder dresses, ponchos and sombreros.

So if you haven’t been..GO! The ambiance is an experience all in itself!

Paris……ok, yes at Epcot!

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It is my favorite country! even if just for the shopping since I can’t be there myself!!

Be transported across the Atlantic and travel the streets of Paris and the provinces of France during an era known as La Belle Epoque, or “the beautiful time.” Beautiful gardens, quaint shops and architecture full of character, along with a scaled-down replica of the Eiffel Tower, suggest an air of French life.

and who can resist!

Here you will find a book shop, art, a perfume shop, theater, a sidewalk cafe, restaurant, and the busy garden marketplace of Paris. You can purchase wine, books, kitchen accessories and of course Ratatouille goods!

I think on my next trip I will come home with a hot pink eiffel tower! Hey, Why Not 😀

Maelstrom…..the Ride…

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Maelstrom uses a 16 passenger Viking-style boat that takes you through a 10th century Viking village and a mythical forest where you’ll encounter trolls who cast a curse on the boats. ohhhhhhh scary… ok not really!

The ride first takes visitors back to a mythological version of Norway’s Viking days. The boats first pass through scenes of seafarers and Vikings. The boats then enter an enchanted swamp, and are forced backwards down a waterfall by angry trolls. The boats float rapidly past scenes of polar bears and living trees, before coming to a stop on the edge of another waterfall, exposed to the Norway pavilion’s main thoroughfare. After again rotating to a forward-facing position, the boats plunge forward into the stormy North Sea. The boats pass dangerously close to an oil rig and the ride comes to an abrupt end in a calm harbor.  After the ride, guests disembark and then have the option to watch a 6 minute film highlighting the history and folklore of Norway.A decent enough water ride but not suited for thrill-seekers! and it really seems these rides are getting shorter & shorter 😦

spoiler alert……You may not want to watch 🙂

Click to watch….


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