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If you consider yourself a serious (hardcore) Disney fan you may have heard of Destino, maybe even watched it! No? Check YouTube. If you are a Salvador Dali enthusiast I bet you have heard of it also!


Well I am a fan of both so here you go..

What is it you ask?

The quick answer….A short film that the Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí began working on with Walt Disney in the Forties. WHAT??? Salvador and Walt?? YUP! It’s true.

Destino is an animated film released in 2003. Destino is unique in that its production originally began in 1945, 58 years before its eventual completion in 2003!

Dalí and Disney came up with the idea of collaborating on the “Destino” short. Dalí began working on the film in 1946, creating 22 paintings and more than 135 storyboards, drawings, and sketches. Disney’s studio then generated about 20 seconds of original animation based on these ideas.

However, financial pressures caused by World War II and other commitments forced the studio to stop producing “Destino” and it was secured in the Disney vault for decades. In 1999, Roy E. Disney decided to finish the studio’s work on “Destino” while completing the production of “Fantasia 2000.”


Gran Destino Tower takes its name from the Disney film “Destino,” Disney said “the tower is a whimsical, magnificent visual feast, diverse in its design and execution.”

I liked it as soon as I saw it! Has a very international feel… think Spain.



The Gran Destino offers 545 modern guest rooms (including 50 suites and club-level services), a grand two-story lobby, new meeting venues, new lounges and a rooftop restaurant with spectacular views. The distinctive tower is the stylish new gateway to the 2,385-room resort.

Even though Dalí and Disney weren’t around to see it in person, their once-abandoned film was warmly received and even earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short Film when it was finally released in 2003.

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