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Disney Merrytime Cruises 2014!

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I would like to start this post off by saying…Yes, I realize it’s January! 🙂

But I’m a planner! Especially when it comes to Disney! and these will sell out!

and Yes, I’m going!

Disney has always known how to keep the crowds coming! They are constantly developing new programs and ideas so returning guests don’t repeat the same experiences over again.

This went over well last year so it’s back for 2014!!

What could be better then spending Christmas 2014 on a Disney Christmas cruise!


A winter wonderland awaits you aboard each ship—as well as at Castaway Cay!

Disney’s private island paradise is transformed with “snow” flurries, a Christmas tree and more. Be on the lookout for Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, dressed in their island attire. Plus, the island’s tram is decorated to resemble a reindeer, complete with antlers and a tail.

Onboard Experiences
On the ship, discover a festive fusion of holiday-themed entertainment, activities and décor—with a life-sized gingerbread house, 24-foot Christmas tree, garlands, poinsettias, shimmering lights and more!


Other holiday enhancements include:

  • Deck the Deck Tropical Holiday Party, a celebration in addition to Pirate Night, with candy-cane limbo, dancing and games
  • King Triton’s Tree Lighting Ceremony, where kids can help light the tree and kick off the holiday festivities
  • Santa Claus meet-and-greet, an exciting opportunity to take family pictures and see Santa and his elves
  • Meet-and-Greets with some favorite Disney Characters, dressed in their holiday attire
  • Teen-only and tween-only holiday parties—private celebrations where teens and tweens can hang out with new friends
  • Holiday storytelling, with new and old tales about holidays at sea and around the world
  • Themed activities and crafts for kids—decorate stockings, make holiday cards, go on a holiday scavenger hunt and more
  • A life-sized gingerbread house made completely with edible ingredients—and the opportunity to make your own gingerbread house*
  • Holiday merchandise available for this event

Plus, on December 24 and 25, enjoy additional holiday experiences:

  • Cookies on Christmas Eve
  • Special holiday towel animals
  • Special holiday surprise
  • Holiday caroling with the kids and crew
  • Religious Services

When you celebrate winter holidays with Disney Cruise Line, you can spend more quality time together with loved ones as you sail from one spectacular port to the next.

Holiday activities and offerings are subject to change and may vary by ship and itinerary.

*The life-sized Gingerbread Houses will be constructed in November, and will not be available on early November sailings. It should be completed and ready for viewing in the last week of November.

Sail Dates

Ship Sail Dates
Disney Magic November 23, 2014 – December 28, 2014
Disney Wonder November 23, 2014 – December 30, 2014
Disney Dream November 24, 2014 – December 29, 2014
Disney Fantasy November 22, 2014 – December 27, 2014

Want more info…call me 855-577-WWTP

Disney Magic….a serious RENOVATION…

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The Disney Magic was Disney’s 1st cruise ship. It weighed in at 83,000 tons and was built in 1998.

She will be entering dry dock September 7 through October 10th.  The main point is to give the ship a cleaner and more timeless design.

If you have sailed on the Dream or the Fantasy you know that the technology aboard these ships is amazing, they will be adding that to the Magic also.

Some of the things that will go is the Mickey Mouse shaped pool and the huge atrium chandelier. (Which weighs over a ton!)

This will go to a museum in Seattle.

The children’s and teen areas are getting new themes.  Which will incorporate “It’s a small world” and a lot more technology!

Another section will be the NEW Marvel Avengers Academy where the kids can dress up as their favorite super heroes!

In the Dining spectrum, Animators Palate is staying, of course but is getting newer technology with LED fiber optic lights.

Parrot Cay on Deck 3 will reopen as Carioca’s and have a South American vibe. Somewhat the Three Caballeros feel….

The Three Caballeros _1944_

The Adult area now called Beat Street will be renamed After Hours and get a sophisticated update.  Rockin Bar D will be called Fathoms and feature light fixtures that look like jellyfish with a color scheme of the sea. Among other changes the sports bar will become an Irish pub.

Within the cabins all staterooms will have higher beds that allow the storage of suitcases underneath, updated head-board and new bedspreads.The dressers will be replaced with built in cabinets.

The pool area will also get a major overhaul. It will become a large family play area with water sprays and a bucket dump.

SO YES, this is a pretty big renovation and I think most of you will agree a much-needed one!

Cruise Ships During Hurricane Season

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Have you ever wondered what happens on cruise ships during Hurricane Season? I though this would be a good topic since just recently actually the 1st day of the actual “season” we got a pretty big tropical storm and it was strong enough to change around quite a few ship itineraries!

Hurricane season is officially from June 1stto November 30th, and during those times hurricanes will sometimes cause a little havoc  for cruise ships in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.  So what happens if there is a hurricane or tropical storm during the same dates as your cruise?

First you need to know that cruise lines do everything in their power to make sure the “cruise goes on”.   Only in rare cases will the cruise actually be cancelled by the cruise line.  These ships can travel at speeds over 21 knots so they can usually outrun any hurricanes or tropical depressions and just go around any inclement weather.

You may face some choppy seas

The seas can be rough for anyone who gets sea sick easily, so make sure you carry some Dramamine with you.  The bigger ships will not rock as much, but when you are really close to a big storm you will still feel some movement.  This should not last long though, as the captain will try to get as far away from the storm as quickly as possible.

The seas will not always be rough when you are sailing around a hurricane, however, and it’s definitely not as bad as maybe you have seen in the movies.  If the weather gets too rough the shows will be cancelled, though, and the pools will be emptied.  It’s definitely an adventure cruising in choppy seas, but if you can just hold on you might even get an extra couple days out of your trip.

Your itinerary could change

If the hurricane is going to hit one of the ports you were going to be visiting, there may be a change in plans.  It is best just to have a good attitude about the situation since you really can’t do anything about it anyway.  You might visit a different port or even stay at a port for an extra day while the weather clears.

Do I get a refund?

With most cruise lines you will only get a full refund if the entire cruise is cancelled.  And this is a very rare thing because cruise lines do everything they can to keep out of harm’s way and sail around storms.

However, if you booked a 7 day cruise and there is a hurricane coming in during that same time you might get your trip shortened by a couple days (without compensation).  And at the same time, the people that are on the ship when a storm is coming in might get an extra 2 days on the boat (and they usually only have to pay for 2 days worth of tips).

Be prepared with travel insurance

A hurricane might not affect your trip at all or it might make your cruise miserable.  If you do lose a couple days of your vacation or have your flight cancelled because of the weather and therefore can’t make your cruise you will want to have travel insurance to be compensated.

With cruise travel insurance you can be reimbursed in case the weather or any other unforeseen event messes up your high seas getaway.  I do recommend it!

Did you know YOU could cruise for free?

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Do you love  to cruise?

Do you know that you could cruise for FREE? (Honestly this IS true)

Yes you could get a free cruise vacation, and although it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Well, it is not so difficult if you have a certified cruise travel agent (me) on your side who will walk you through and help you to get your FREE cruise and I can do that!

Do you know that Cruise Lines will reward you with free travel just for bringing other friends and family along with you on your vacation. You can earn a free cruise just for bringing a group of your friends onboard with you!

Are you part of an interest group or association? church group, sports team ect? or maybe a family reunion or a friends get together even a girls getaway! This will even work for a wedding!

What Do You need To Get A Free Cruise you ask?

It is quite simple…

All you need is to have enough people who are interested in taking a cruise together, and you can earn a FREE cruise. The cruise line will award a free berth for particular amount of cabins your group books. In most cases it is  eight cabins. There’s typically no cap on the number of free beds you can earn, so as long as you keep booking cabins, you group can keep earning free berths (two per cabin).

So to earn your Free Cruise you NEED to start speaking to everyone you know about their interest in taking a group cruise vacation.

Group cruises are perfect for many types of travelers and easy! Just get creative!

Family Reunions

Weddings and Anniversaries

Friends and Social Groups

Clubs and Associations

Church Groups

Country Clubs and Golfing Groups

Professional Groups

Retired Military Groups

Fraternal Organizations

really the options are endless…..

Once you have people excited and interested, contact us and we  will help you find the best ship and destination for your group, provide all promotional materials and brochures, and take care of a booking process for you. Simple as that!

Cruising for free is simple and every week hundreds of groups embark on ships around the globe.

On most of these sailings, it’s easy to pick out the group member who sailed for free. They are the one with the biggest SMILE.

So start planning today. You will likely need at least 9 to 12 months lead time.

Now the best part is….
We do not charge a fee for this service we are compensated by the cruise line. Closer to sailing, we will also arrange onboard parties, private shore excursions and other activities to make your group feel special.
So what are you waiting for? Lets make some calls! 🙂
Please send me the following information if you are interested in becoming a group leader…..and I will walk you through it!
Type of Group…

Dates you want to travel…

How long of a cruise….

How many people ……..


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