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Go any further if you want to find these on your own!

My sons mission is to find every hidden mickey in his book!

(Well the ones in Walt Disney World anyway)

This past weekend we found the most we ever have in one day!




Check them out below!!!

Animal Kingdom….

Guess where? Camp Minnie-Mickey

..also at the Funnel Cake stand…(totally missed this one so many times!)

…at the Poly…

In the upstairs shop…there’s actually 2 on the pillars…

Sushi Bar….seriously this was genius!

there were 3 that I didn’t get a photo of… in the Poly when you walk into the lobby it is in the marble floor (it is so big I don’t know how I ever missed this!) and in the waiting queue for Kali Rapids at Animal Kingdom, it is made out of hanging plates on the wall and in the same area over the doorway painted in gold. I will have to get a pic when I go back.

It was HOT….and I was tired 😀 and I gotta admit just a little bit hidden mickeyed out! 😀

Hidden Mickey….

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In case you were wondering about this whole Hidden Mickey  thing….read on…it is a representation of Mickey Mouse that has been inserted subtly into the design of a ride, attraction, or other location in a Disney theme park or elsewhere on Disney properties. The most common Hidden Mickey is a formation of three circles that may be perceived as the silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse.

A true Hidden Mickey is one that is not meant to be seen immediately, and is usually placed purposefully by a Disney Imagineer or artist in a context that would not normally contain Mickey Mouse. When the shape of Mickey Mouse is used as an obvious part of the design, such as Mickey ears on the top of lampposts, it is considered decorative and sometimes referred to as a “decor Mickey.” Additionally, formations of the iconic head and ears have been spotted in nature or even on animals, but they are also not Hidden Mickeys.

Although approximately 1000 Hidden Mickeys have been recorded, it is not known how many are really out there!

This is the smallest Hidden Mickey at the Magic Kingdom…….(so I’ve been told).  My oldest son found it rather quickly!  He is really good at finding them!  (It is right at the tip of the finger).

So if you want to start looking get the book that’s shown above and it will give you clues to where to find them! Have FUN!

Hidden Mickey????

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Leaving Hollywood Studios today and we got pooped on..yup but I gotta say Disney’s even got the birds trained!!!

Am I the only one who sees Mickey here!!!! LMAO (Yes, I felt this was BLOG worthy) 😀




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