Go any further if you want to find these on your own!

My sons mission is to find every hidden mickey in his book!

(Well the ones in Walt Disney World anyway)

This past weekend we found the most we ever have in one day!




Check them out below!!!

Animal Kingdom….

Guess where? Camp Minnie-Mickey

..also at the Funnel Cake stand…(totally missed this one so many times!)

…at the Poly…

In the upstairs shop…there’s actually 2 on the pillars…

Sushi Bar….seriously this was genius!

there were 3 that I didn’t get a photo of… in the Poly when you walk into the lobby it is in the marble floor (it is so big I don’t know how I ever missed this!) and in the waiting queue for Kali Rapids at Animal Kingdom, it is made out of hanging plates on the wall and in the same area over the doorway painted in gold. I will have to get a pic when I go back.

It was HOT….and I was tired 😀 and I gotta admit just a little bit hidden mickeyed out! 😀

2 Responses to “HIDDEN MICKEY’S”

  1. No way! You mickeyed out? I don’t believe it!

  2. YES! I know unbelievable right! LOL

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