Who’s this Duffy Bear anyway?

Duffy….Mickey’s Teddy Bear! He originated from the creative minds at Tokyo Disney Resort … they took a merchandise item, named it, created a backstory, and ended up with an extremely popular, immersive entertainment experience. Fans went crazy for him and really embraced the character.” ..Duffy was initially introduced in 2002 for the opening of “Once Upon a Toy” at Downtown Disney in Orlando, and was known only as “The Disney Bear” (He really hasn’t taken off as well in the US)

So here’s the story…..

“When Mickey was leaving on a long sea voyage, Minnie didn’t want him to be lonely so she made Duffy to keep him company during his travels. Minnie presented her hand-sewn bear to Mickey in a duffel bag, which is how he came up with the nickname ‘Duffy.’ Mickey and Duffy visited many exciting places together and made lots of new friends along the way. At the end of their journey, they sailed back home to be reunited with Minnie.”

Although Duffy has sported holiday-themed costumes at various Parks’ parades, he’s known for rocking the sailor suit that reminds him of his travels with Mickey. “Guests can purchase different outfits for their Duffy bears, including some that represent the different countries at Epcot and all the holidays!

What you may not know about is (also introduced several years after her beau) ShellieMay.  She is Duffy’s girlfriend (and, yes, she’s a real Disney Character!). Currently, this bow-clad bear can only be seen at Tokyo DisneySea.

and of course…Duffy even has his own Facebook page!


And there it is!

All that you ever wanted to know about this bear named Duffy!

2 Responses to “Who’s this Duffy Bear anyway?”

  1. That’s cute. I want one!!!!!

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