Starbucks at Disney! Oh the UPROAR!

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Many fans were upset about the possibility of losing the quaint Main Street Bakery to a modern-day Starbucks. This became a main focus on many blogs and face book pages! Disney quickly let them know the name would still be the Main Street Bakery and that the look of the store would remain themed in the appropriate era with the Main Street surroundings.

I personally think they have accomplished this.

Another main concern that I saw come up is commercialism…It doesn’t belong at Disney World, I think they seem to have forgotten that sponsors have been a part of the theme parks almost since the beginning. So is this really something new?

Being a Major Disney and Starbucks fan this really couldn’t have made me happier! Sometimes you just really need a GOOD cup of Coffee! ok, so I may be a bit biased here!



Upon walking up to the shop, you’ll see both the familiar and the new.

Starbucks coffee bean bags have joined the standard window display now.

Employees are trading in the modern Starbucks barista garb to the traditional Main Street uniforms. Even the sign at the front of the store is the more retro depiction of the twin-tailed siren that Starbucks originally featured.

Over the years Starbucks has changed its twin-tailed mermaid logo a few times, the original brown version used from 1971-1987, followed by a few revisions of the more streamlined siren.

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Ultimately, all six of Disney’s United States theme parks will contain Starbucks locations.

So in conclusion I have come to the outcome of full acceptance on this one!

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