Disney Magic….a serious RENOVATION…


The Disney Magic was Disney’s 1st cruise ship. It weighed in at 83,000 tons and was built in 1998.

She will be entering dry dock September 7 through October 10th.  The main point is to give the ship a cleaner and more timeless design.

If you have sailed on the Dream or the Fantasy you know that the technology aboard these ships is amazing, they will be adding that to the Magic also.

Some of the things that will go is the Mickey Mouse shaped pool and the huge atrium chandelier. (Which weighs over a ton!)

This will go to a museum in Seattle.

The children’s and teen areas are getting new themes.  Which will incorporate “It’s a small world” and a lot more technology!

Another section will be the NEW Marvel Avengers Academy where the kids can dress up as their favorite super heroes!

In the Dining spectrum, Animators Palate is staying, of course but is getting newer technology with LED fiber optic lights.

Parrot Cay on Deck 3 will reopen as Carioca’s and have a South American vibe. Somewhat the Three Caballeros feel….

The Three Caballeros _1944_

The Adult area now called Beat Street will be renamed After Hours and get a sophisticated update.  Rockin Bar D will be called Fathoms and feature light fixtures that look like jellyfish with a color scheme of the sea. Among other changes the sports bar will become an Irish pub.

Within the cabins all staterooms will have higher beds that allow the storage of suitcases underneath, updated head-board and new bedspreads.The dressers will be replaced with built in cabinets.

The pool area will also get a major overhaul. It will become a large family play area with water sprays and a bucket dump.

SO YES, this is a pretty big renovation and I think most of you will agree a much-needed one!

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