Today a man was banned for life from Disney!!!




Photo Courtesy of Disney

Article: FOX 4 by Matt Grant


A Walt Disney World “urban explorer” has been banned from the park – for life.

The “explorer,” who goes by the name “Adam The Woo,”  gained an online following by posting videos of himself sneaking into backstage areas of the Magic Kingdom off limits to the public.

Adam told Fox 4 in November he’s a fan of Disney and wanted to see what was backstage to satisfy a “morbid curiosity.”

On his YouTube channel, he has a dozen videos of himself “exploring” Disney World.  The park considers what he did trespassing.

In his latest video, Adam, who is wearing a black Mickey Mouse T-shirt, says he’s “had better days” since he was met by security on his latest visit to the happiest place on earth and banned for life.

“I never received any emails from Disney on what I was doing was wrong,” said Adam in his YouTube video. “So, I figured maybe I’ll get a slap on the wrist, they’ll talk about the videos, say ‘don’t do it anymore,’ all that good stuff. None of that happened. They were waiting at the gate and they got me.”

Adam, who is upset about the ban, claims the security guards that got him were actually fans of his videos.

A spokeswoman for Disney World tells Fox 4 they take matters like this seriously and filed a trespass warning against Adam because he “deliberately entered unauthorized areas” several times before.

Disney statement

“We take matters like this seriously and filed a trespass warning against him since he deliberately entered unauthorized areas on several occasions.”



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