Watch Yourself! Especially on Vacation!


Due to recent events at the Magic Kingdom involving a law suit (according to Tampa Bay times) I decided to write about this to remind everyone to use common sense and pay attention to what is around you especially when on vacation!

It is easy to get side tracked with all the crowds, commotion and keeping track of your kids! (and sometimes husbands) ūüėÄ

A guest¬†was attempting to disembark the Jungle Cruise ride when another boat full of passengers rammed into the back of her boat, causing her to be thrown backward. Her daughter slammed into her father’s chest. A Disney cast member was also injured, the suit says. ¬†The guest¬†was taken to a hospital and, as a result of neck and spinal injuries, has been unable to work.

She also states that the accident left a frightening impression on her daughter. She said she and her family were longtime annual pass holders and had visited Disney World hundreds of times in the past several years.¬†“Disney was a place we celebrated many milestones. It was my daughter’s favorite but watching her mom being carted away in an ambulance was devastating to her. ¬†She doesn’t want to go back.”

The suit filed Friday seeks damages in excess of $15,000, but her attorney said treatment for her injuries will cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” A jury trial is sought.


ok, So I think we all go to Disney World with a sense of security and this is a strong reminder that we still have to be smart and conscious of what happens around us.  There is reason for the announcements, safety precautions and rules that are meant to be followed. I by no means am making any judgement in this lawsuit, the article just merely made me think of things we sometimes take for granted.

The Jungle Cruise simulates a riverboat cruise down rivers of Asia, Africa and South America. Guests board 1930s-style tramp steamers and go on a voyage past animatronic jungle animals. The attraction opened in the Magic Kingdom in 1977.

The tour is led by a live Disney cast member delivering a humorous scripted narration. It is a slow rather relaxing ride and funny if you get  a good cast member! We ride it often! so go out there! enjoy yourself but pay attention!




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