Storybook Circus Peanuts…oh come on people!

ok so I’m putting the warning out there…..I think this will turn more into a rant and not an informative post! but come on where does it stop?!

Many of you already know and have seen that there are peanuts in the cement in the Storybook Circus part of Fantasyland. (Yes, they are also made out of concrete) and there are also hoof and paw prints although they don’t seem to be getting all the attention.

I think it is well done Circus, Elephants, Peanuts……makes sense to me!

Now as we all know with Disney it is all in the details! and they do a FANTASTIC job!

but of course someone out there always has something to say….

Before I continue on here I just want to say that I am in NO WAY diminishing the seriousness of peanut allergies but I think sometimes a little common sense goes a long way!

I am subscribed to other Disney blogs and enjoy reading their opinions. It amazes me the amount of people who have a problem with these “concrete” peanuts! To the point that a woman actually threatened to sue Disney and got hysterical because her child is allergic to peanuts and she actually  believed they put real ones in the pavement which of course she demanded they be removed. (I’m speechless)!!!!

So just to put it out there….

Disney would not risk guests with peanut allergies coming into contact with real peanut shells. They’re not real peanut shells. And they’re not all over the place, only in a few areas.

It’s nothing to be concerned about. I hope people do realize how careful Disney is with any allergies! If you have ever made a dining reservation they specifically ask if you have any allergies. (and not to mention they have a special services phone number that you can actually speak to someone regarding your allergy!

I also have an allergy and find it amazing that whenever I dine on property a chef will come out of the kitchen to discuss it with me!

Once again with Disney it is all in the details!

So get out there and have fun! and stop worrying about concrete peanuts! 😀

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