Our CHINA!…here in Florida!

Another part of Epcot that I never completely ventured into….until recently.

China has always been one of those mysterious places that I would love to travel to but I am not sure if I will ever have the opportunity.

So for now Epcot will have to do.

Yes, Phineas and Ferb brought me here! (if you have read my previous posts you will understand why!) ūüėÄ

Playing the game gets you completely immersed in this country. That’s all I’m giving away on that topic!

Enter one of the world’s oldest civilizations and discover the wonders of China. Visit the Temple of Heaven and relax in serene gardens with tranquil reflecting ponds. Discover authentic tomb sculptures from Ancient China that date back 2,000 years. There is also a miniature recreation of the tomb of China’s first emperor.

Visitors enter the China Pavilion through a large Chinese gate. The courtyard is dominated by a replica of the¬†Temple of Heaven, which contains the entrance to “Reflections of China”, a Circle-Vision 360¬į movie exploring China’s history and scenery, as well as a museum containing several ancient Chinese artifacts. Reflections of China¬†is a remarkable film that takes you on a breathtaking journey to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. The House of the Whispering Willows gallery exhibit, “Tomb Warriors Guardian Spirits of Ancient China,” is a replica of the famous excavation in Xi’an, China where you can explore Chinese tomb art from the Schloss Collection.¬†courtyard is bordered by shops selling Chinese merchandise, and two Chinese restaurants. The pavilion is decorated with ponds, crossed by bridges. It is beautifully themed. Chinese acrobats also perform frequently in the pavilion.

Did you know…..

The pavilion served as the backdrop for the music video of the song “Reflection”, performed by a then-unknown¬†Christina Aguilera, from the 1998 Disney film¬†Mulan.

Check it out here…h8GUCQQZS64

Sample authentic Chinese cuisine at the Nine Dragons Restaurant or the Lotus Blossom Cafe.

You must visit the shops with genuine Chinese goods, such as House of Good Fortune.

The shopping is very unique and traditional…..

Total phone case envy!!….but which one do I want?!!! decisions…desicions….



So I say go ahead stop in…..you may be amazed and surprised at the beauty and by what you find when you take a closer look.

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