The HUB…Baja Grill…YUM!

Had a chance to checkout The HUB in Siesta Key…liked it!

but finding parking!!!!! Grrrrrrr !!! GOOD LUCK!

It is laid out with a great outdoor seating area, live music and fans to keep you cool! The Hub Baja Grill is located at the north end of Siesta Key Village.

They serve food with a Tex-Mex flair. The kind of food that goes good with an icy Margarita! 😀

Attire is casual….very casual. Come as you are kind of atmosphere! They do cater to families also so you will have a children’s menu.

It is more of a restaurant then  a “BAR” experience. The food is good, great atmosphere as well as service AND its close to the beach!



What more do you need?!

Where’s it at?…..

5148 Ocean Boulevard Sarasota, FL


Give it a try…..if you can find parking that is!

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