Stump Pass Beach……I’ve always wondered who names these parks!?

It was a much-needed Beach day! Although I must say the weather hasn’t been cooperating in these parts lately.  It has been a very wet summer. The rain held out until the drive home but it was very cloudy and windy so not the best scenario.

…but hey it’s a beach so I’ll take it!

Stump Pass Beach State Park has been a state property since the initial purchase in 1971. It was open (unofficially) in 1971 to the public. At that time there were only 4 parking spaces and no amenities. The park, as it is today, was opened August 2000. Forty car parking lot, restroom facilities, rinse off showers, picnic pavilion and boardwalks.  ($3 fee per car to enter)

Stump Pass Beach State Park is a Florida State Park, made up of three islands and the protected channels between them. It is located in Englewood. There is a mile of beach where seashells and shark teeth wash up regularly but mainly in the winter months.

The sand here is rough and a little darker it also seems thicker and more grain like. We did see a lot of sea weed, grass ect..but that is just the season for it now so it really can’t be avoided.

We did also see many turtle nesting areas. Many more then I have ever seen at a single location. I think within the area we were in we easily counted about 30!

We have been looking for shark teeth with no luck! so I think we will have to return! 😀

2 Responses to “Stump Pass Beach……I’ve always wondered who names these parks!?”

  1. Usually the names come from Native American names, geography, topography, or sailors. Based on what I read in a quick google search it seems Stump Pass got its name from where it sits and how it is shaped. Hard to say for sure though.

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