Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

We were over at Epcot last week and had a chance to check out Phineas & Ferb!

We finally got through a full game! Only got on about 2 rides but oh well!

The NEW adventure is very familiar to the old Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, with the concept being very much the same.  The Kimmunicator is out, and the FONE is in – a mobile device which is your interface to the game play.  The same physical sets are used from Kim Possible, but the animation and storyline is of course all new.

It is safe to say that if you were a fan of the Kim Possible game before, you will continue to enjoy this new version.  Phineas and Ferb fans will be very happy to see the characters expanded beyond the meet and greet at the Studios.  My boys are big fans of the cartoon so they absolutely LOVE this!

It has gotten to the point that we come just for the game! Arghhhhh! well I do admit it keeps them busy and I have been able to do some in-depth window shopping throughout the world showcase!! (not complaining at all here)

Guests become “agents” and use a “high-tech secret agent device” to search for clues. Different cases are also available in Mexico, France, Germany, Norway, China and the United Kingdom. Guests follow instructions given on the screen of a cell phone to interact with objects hidden around World Showcase. There are different missions to complete in many of the different countries of World Showcase.

After walking us through how to properly use our FONE, we find out which country our assignment is in. And in the next few screens we get to see Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Phineas, Ferb, and Candace. If you watch the cartoon you will be familiar with thee characters.

From there the story plays out in much the same way as every episode of Phineas and Ferb. Doof has an “inator” he’s created in order to help him carry out current scheme. Meanwhile it seems Phineas, Ferb, and Candace are having an adventure of their own. These events converge, and, along with the help of Agent P, Doofenshmirtz’s plot is foiled. When we returned our FONE to the drop box at the end of the adventure. You will see these drop boxes conveniently located at many different locations throughout the world showcase.

It is fun but be aware it does take up a lot of time. So if your on a strict schedule with what you want to see this may not be a good idea.

2 Responses to “Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure”

  1. The mission I did in France took 30 minutes, did your mission take longer?

  2. hmmmmmm now I get it! so that explains why it took so long! my son insisted we do 4 countries! LOL so I guess thats 4 missions! 😀

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