August 2012 Newsletter!

Fall is around the corner. What does that mean to you?
For me it’s a new start. The beginning of a new school year for my children and many new educational opportunities for myself.
Fall is the time we “Travel Agents” get to travel.
Otherwise known as going on FAMS!
These are basically familiarization trips to different areas.
We participate in hotel and ship inspections, training classes and
many different enriching opportunities.
It does sound like fun and by all means it is! but there is also a lot of work involved.
I prefer to have first hand experience.  Remember not everything on the Internet is as it seems or is what they want you to believe.
It is all worth it and I am looking forward to the next few months. It prepares us to be able to find your exact dream vacation with no surprises and to know the ins and outs of certain resorts and destinations! I know it is not possible to see it all but be safe knowing that I will never recommend something that I do not stand behind!

Check out the FULL Newsletter!

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