Taverna Opa in Orlando……what FUN!

We had a friend visit from out of town and really wanted to go somewhere new to eat.

I got a recommendation from my hair dresser (yes she’s awesome!)

and I LOVE this place!!

It is so fun! and yes it is a family atmosphere!

The combination of great food and celebration created a new meaning for the concept of dining.

A different approach that energizes and gives the diner a different dimension in entertainment. Previous dining norms are broken, spirits are lifted, with every single broken plate and every single napkin in the air. So fun! we are talking belly dancing, tabletop dancing, singing ect….

Everyone is involved!…even the kids LOVE it!

It is located at…

9101 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

One tip that I would give is to valet. There is a parking garage there but it was packed and I can imagine it usually is. For $3 more just valet!

We opted for the Aphrodite family style dinner which is a very big amount of food! and it was fantastic!

Click link for full menu…


3 Responses to “Taverna Opa in Orlando……what FUN!”

  1. Great post. Need to try sometime!

  2. So fun Christine! Let me know if you do!

  3. It is a lot of fun, especially for late night fun. Great post!

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