John’s Pass and Madeira Beach….third times a charm….

So you may have noticed I have added a Florida Beaches Category.  I have decided that in the last year I have visited many on the Gulf coast and absolutely have made it a goal to visit most if not all in the state.

Hey not a bad goal since I live here now right???

Might as well see it all! So here it goes….

I swear this is my third time to this place and I officially LIKE it!

It’s touristy….Yes, but also has that old florida tackle shop feel!  The place you used to drive to with your parents when you were a kid and wander through the souvenir shops just to buy the t-shirt that you would only wear once and wash it and then it would fit the kid down the street. Ya, you know what I’m talking about.

It is very convenient though…you have restaurants, bars, shopping, bathrooms and the beach all within walking distance of each other. Not to mention parasailing, jet ski rentals, dolphin cruises and fishing excursions! The cutest kitschy Florida shops also. The one in the picture above has a talking parrot that will Greet you (named Simbad) as you walk in! LOVE it!

The sand is powdery white and the water is warm! If you aren’t in the mood for a swim, no worries plenty to do here! Great stop also for a rainy day. Plenty shops that are indoors and under a roof so getting around is easy. This is actually how our beach day ended….as you can see in some of the photos the rain clouds were rolling in and the thunder was rumbling!

There is parking by the shops and by the beach. In these areas it  is on a meter so nice & quick!

Closer to the boardwalk by Bubba Gumps there is also a parking garage.

I think I will start bringing my guests here when they come to visit!

If you’re in the area stop on in! Even if only for the shopping! 😀

Want to see all my pics?….Click here…

2 Responses to “John’s Pass and Madeira Beach….third times a charm….”

  1. That looks really nice!! When we visit you will have to take us there.

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