July 2012 Newsletter!

Hello! Happy to have you here! 
Summer is in full swing! and nationwide it’s been a HOT one!
Hope your staying cool & safe!
I recently came across an interesting figure I wanted to share with you…
In a U.S. population of 304 million, only 73 million Americans have cruised before!
So we are talking about 24%! WOW!
(something must be done about this!!!)
Now this IS my favorite way to travel so you can imagine this is truly a SHOCKER!
These results are provided by CLIA which is the Cruise Lines International Association (very dependable).
For the cruise rookies out there take my word for it you are missing out!
I thought a good way to spread the fun of cruising is to explain
how easy it is to get a free one if you bring a group of friends!
I also included a great article “Ten Myth’s of Cruising”.
After all that if your still not convinced you know where to find me!
I’ll convince you! I promise!
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