Did you know YOU could cruise for free?

Do you love  to cruise?

Do you know that you could cruise for FREE? (Honestly this IS true)

Yes you could get a free cruise vacation, and although it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Well, it is not so difficult if you have a certified cruise travel agent (me) on your side who will walk you through and help you to get your FREE cruise and I can do that!

Do you know that Cruise Lines will reward you with free travel just for bringing other friends and family along with you on your vacation. You can earn a free cruise just for bringing a group of your friends onboard with you!

Are you part of an interest group or association? church group, sports team ect? or maybe a family reunion or a friends get together even a girls getaway! This will even work for a wedding!

What Do You need To Get A Free Cruise you ask?

It is quite simple…

All you need is to have enough people who are interested in taking a cruise together, and you can earn a FREE cruise. The cruise line will award a free berth for particular amount of cabins your group books. In most cases it is  eight cabins. There’s typically no cap on the number of free beds you can earn, so as long as you keep booking cabins, you group can keep earning free berths (two per cabin).

So to earn your Free Cruise you NEED to start speaking to everyone you know about their interest in taking a group cruise vacation.

Group cruises are perfect for many types of travelers and easy! Just get creative!

Family Reunions

Weddings and Anniversaries

Friends and Social Groups

Clubs and Associations

Church Groups

Country Clubs and Golfing Groups

Professional Groups

Retired Military Groups

Fraternal Organizations

really the options are endless…..

Once you have people excited and interested, contact us and we  will help you find the best ship and destination for your group, provide all promotional materials and brochures, and take care of a booking process for you. Simple as that!

Cruising for free is simple and every week hundreds of groups embark on ships around the globe.

On most of these sailings, it’s easy to pick out the group member who sailed for free. They are the one with the biggest SMILE.

So start planning today. You will likely need at least 9 to 12 months lead time.

Now the best part is….
We do not charge a fee for this service we are compensated by the cruise line. Closer to sailing, we will also arrange onboard parties, private shore excursions and other activities to make your group feel special.
So what are you waiting for? Lets make some calls! 🙂
Please send me the following information if you are interested in becoming a group leader…..and I will walk you through it!
Type of Group…

Dates you want to travel…

How long of a cruise….

How many people ……..


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