Nick Hotel-Orlando

A night at the Nick Hotel…..not what I expected.

Nickelodeon Suites Resort (The Nick Hotel) is a 24-acre resort that offers daily entertainment, games and contests, and a daily mass sliming. Two water areas offer pools and waterslides.

I actually had to ask myself before writing this review….. Have I become a “hotel” snob?  I try to be fair and in my line of work I do have to see things in different perspectives. (financially and expectation wise) but…..

I am also obviously deeply immersed in the “Disney” bubble. I think this experience has made me enjoy it even more. I now truly realize the “standards” Disney keeps even in their value properties. (that being said we LOVE Pop Century so by no means am I comparing the Nick to any moderate or deluxe properties)

ok….on with the actual review…

So for a while now this resort has been on my boys “must do” list.

They LOVE Spongebob and many of the other characters on Nickelodeon.

I will start with the good:

The staff starting from the front desk, to housekeeping are very nice, polite, professional and helpful. They engage in conversation with the kids and help out quickly and efficiently. Everyone has a smile on their face. The details in the resort are also great. The bold Nickelodeon colors orange and lime green are incorporated in not only the walls but even chairs and flower pots. The kids LOVED the pool and the “mall” the arcade, character meets and the shows.

Check out the celebration video….

Spongebob’s Krabby Patty Celebration

The bad:

Very Motel like!

We had a 2 bedroom Spongebob suite (yes this is a $25 upgrade) close location to the pool but absolutely NO view.

The suites are spacious for a large family. They are bare but there is room for a roll away bed. The spongebob wallpaper is peeling and needs a touch up. My 7 year old did mention how beat up the bunk beds were and maybe even needed to be painted!!!???? (enough said)  on the upside it is roomy and nice having a microwave and refrigerator.

But the bottom line….In one word OUTDATED! our room felt damp and smelled of mildew. Now living in Florida I get the humidity factor but we are talking serious issues here. The bedding and carpet felt “wet”.

Didn’t even want to take our shoes off and when it came to getting dressed in the morning all our clothes felt damp!!!??? … the master bedroom bed was standard but the kid’s bunk beds were very hard.  Really scrimped on the bedding also.  The room was technically clean..but it was just so worn that it gives the impression of being dirty.  Each kids room should have a game console. There weren’t any! The only flat screen was in the “living room” the tv’s in the bedrooms were the old box ones. Toilet didn’t flush, hot water in the shower?…good luck! I did get the vibe of over promising and not delivering. (and this place is approximately $200 a night)

Resort FEE…..of course…..Not worth the $25/night resort fee with 18% tax!

This hotel has the bones for potential. The shows, the staff and the themeing are great but it needs a major overhaul with the rooms to make their clients happy.

Glad we did it for the kids (and for my own travel agent experience) but we won’t do it again.  A while back I reviewed the Holiday Inn Resort Buena Vista…..which being off site in my opinion is a much better choice.

Check out all my pics….

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