Tower of Terror! Yup I finally did it!……. NEVER AGAIN!

ok….so I finally conquered the Tower of Terror (my husband made me do it! and I will never let him forget it!)

The legend says that during a violent storm on Halloween night 1939, lightning struck the Hollywood Tower Hotel, causing an entire wing and an elevator full of people to disappear. And you’re about to meet them as you become the star in a special episode of

. . The Twilight Zone.

If you’ve never experienced the attraction, and you’d prefer to be kept in the dark until you do board it, you’ll want to bypass the spoilers that follow in the rest of the post…

“You’ve just entered…the Twilight Zone,” ….just hearing those words is enough to give you a bad case of the shivers.

Click to watch video…



Now If you’ve always wondered how it would feel in a free fall on an elevator; without the dying; then this is your ride!

After various spooky adventures, (which really aren’t that scary) the ride ends in a dramatic climax: a 13-story free-fall in stages. The ride features random drop sequences, allowing for a real sense of the unknown (and a different experience every time you ride), and visual, audio, and effects make the experience even more frightening. Because it’s a different experience every time you dare to ride!

At 199 feet, it’s also the tallest ride in WDW!

One of the Imagineers who designed the tower admitted that he’s too scared to ride his own creation. (I’m thinking this should have been a red flag for me!)

ok, so moving on….This is not for the faint of heart. I must say the visuals during the wait are all amazing and the cast members are really into their roles here. The ambiance is perfection.

I just hate the feeling of dropping, and my heart being stuck in mid-air, and going up and down again and again and again!!!!

I came out with my hands shaking from grabbing onto the handles too tight and my legs wobbling…..I think my heart may have stopped a few times! This was SHEER TORTURE!

Not ONE bit of it was enjoyable! and unlike all the short rides I complain about THIS one did not want to end!

So call me a wimp call me a baby…I’m sure many of you out there just LOVE this ride!

No worries I myself will not be taking up space in that queue EVER again! 😀

WARNING! You must be at least 40 inches tall to ride, and expectant moms and people prone to motion sickness or those with heart, neck, or back problems shouldn’t try to tackle it. Your stomach may also need a few minutes to find its way back to where it belongs after it’s all over.



3 Responses to “Tower of Terror! Yup I finally did it!……. NEVER AGAIN!”

  1. Girl, you are iNSANE!!!!! But at least you can say you did it. I however would not. LOL

  2. Actually it looks neat, if I could ride it without getting on the elevator I would. Hehe. I LOVE the Twilight Zone, hate free falling on an elevator. :o)

  3. LOL! yeah I was so scared I couldn’t even SCREAM!!

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