Busch Gardens……a little more then a zoo…

We had a fun day at Busch Gardens. We went on a Monday and there were no crowds and no lines. It was a great combination of amped up roller coaster rides and zoo animals.

Yes, a strange combination! but somehow it works!

The park has eight areas, each with its own theme, animals, live entertainment, thrill rides, kiddie attractions, dining, and shopping.

A Skyride cable car soars over the park, offering a bird’s-eye view of it all.



The animals are active and photogenic and very close. That was truly my favorite part. It is worth it just to come for the animal interactions.  The Jungala exhibit is amazing (added in 2009) it brings Bengal tigers to center stage and puts them at eye level—allowing you to view them from underground caves and underwater windows. The big cats are just one of the reasons the theme park attracts some 4½ million visitors each year.  This area is the best viewing area I have seen! Bravo Busch Gardens!

The rides are fast!  so if you love roller coasters you will LOVE it!

They do have a “Sesame Street” area for younger kids but in my opinion nothing for the tweens! Sesame Street Safari of Fun is a 5-acre kids’ playground with Sesame-themed rides, shows, and water adventures.  In my case my boys are 6 and 9 and they do not do the big roller coasters and they would not want to do the younger rides. So you have to figure it out what would work for your family.

If you’ve never been it is a good stop while in Florida!

Believe it or not there are more pics! Check them out here…:D


2 Responses to “Busch Gardens……a little more then a zoo…”

  1. Looks neat. Love the tigers!!!

  2. They are beautiful! Such a great exhibit!

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