Crystal Arts at Disney World!

You really can’t see it all! It is impossible!

I have been to Disney numerous amounts of times and still have not seen it all!

but saying that, it is nice to be surprised!

Located on Main Street…. you can see a live glass blowing demonstration as you shop! Glowing molten glass is gathered on the end of a blowpipe and then manipulated by hand by a master artist until it’s finished. It is mesmerizing!

They sell crystal items, from cut glass bowls to glasses, vases, jewelry and of course Disney collectibles. Just drop in and ask what the glass blowing schedule is. They do it daily.


Have you seen this?


Better yet have you seen the price tag???



hmmmmm I’m kinda wondering how long that has been there!

There doesn’t seem to be many takers! …..yet 😀

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