Merritt Island Kayaking

So we do LOVE our Kayaking adventures here in Florida….hey it’s good to do something different for a change!

I thought I would share the last time we went which was while we were visiting Cocoa Beach…

We went with a guided tour this time around called Calypso Kayaking.  It was the first time we took our boys who are 6 and 9.

I was a little worried on how they would do, the weather was a little cool and gloomy but they absolutely LOVED it!

It was good doing the actual tour also because the amount of information you get is priceless! The boys just soaked up all the knowledge!

We explored the Indian River Lagoon.

On the  guided kayak tours they say you may see Dolphins, Manatees, Birds, Islands, Mangroves and many other species of wildlife!

We saw all of the above and actually stopped at one of the islands to walk around and checked out some huge horse shoe crabs!

It was lots of fun and I do recommend it! It would work great as a side trip from Disney or a pre or post cruise excursion.

It is 70 miles from Disney and 9 miles from Cape Canaveral.

Here is their website….

Experience the natural beauty and diverse Ecosystem of the Cocoa Beach area. Just a short distance away from all Cocoa Beach Resorts, join us as we navigate through the river’s waterways and undergo an immediate activation of the senses. The sights and sounds made by nature and the excitement of your family and friends create what we call an “Unforgettable Kayaking Adventure”.

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