Rainforest Cafe – Downtown Disney

We stopped in at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.  It was during the remodel so it was a little bit boarded up but once you walked in you wouldn’t know it.  We had reservations for lunch but it still took about 45 minutes to get seated.  It really wasn’t that bad because being where we were the boys took advantage of some pin trading!  (of course)


To dine here and experience the rain forest jungle setting was fun! The atmosphere is amazing!

The Food  is ok…not great!!!  But the kids absolutely loved it!!   Do keep in mind that some of the animals are animated and will move & make sounds.  It’s not over the top but it does thunder and rain so that may scare little ones.  They also have a huge shop with rainforest theme items, they make it look as if we were under a tree canopy, and huge aquariums and animal bottom stools at the bars!

The theming is great to look at and If it is your birthday get a Volcano!!! (But it will cost you $15) 🙂


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