Phone Charging Lockers At Disneyland Park!

what will they think of next!


A dead smartphone battery is no longer a reason to slow down guests at the Disneyland® Park.

Disney installed a bank of 20 lockers to charge your gadgets as a test along Main Street U.S.A. with options for a traditional AC outlet or specialized chargers for your iPhone and other mobile gadgets.

Use of the lockers are pretty simple:

  1. Select whether you need a standard outlet (if you brought your own cell/camera charger), or use the supplied Apple or Android/Blackberry cord.
  2. Use the touchpad kiosk to prepay for the first hour of use.
  3. Create a 4-digit pin that will be used later to access your locker.
  4. The kiosk will print a receipt with your locker assignment. Connect the device to the charger inside the locker and you are ready to go enjoy the park.
  5. When returning, if you are within the prepaid hour time frame, you can return directly to your locker. If not, first return to the kiosk and pay any additional balance.

Pricing for the new Charging Locker is $2 per hour. At this time, this secure alternative to charging your devices is only available inside the Disneyland® Park.

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