Journey Into Imagination

What Figment? who? a dragon? in a sweater? whaaaaat????

How long has it been since you went on Journey into Imagination??

In case you don’t know….

Figment, a small purple dragon, occasionally seen sporting a yellow sweater, is the mascot of the Imagination! pavilion at the Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World Resort. He is extensively seen in Epcot merchandise.

The actual ride opened March 5, 1983 but was revamped quite a few times.  The biggest changes were made in 1999 but they brought on numerous complaints so to keep a long story short once again to keep us Disney folk HAPPY , a modest 2002 refurbishment modified the 1999 version to add the dragon as a playful foil for Dr. Channing throughout the Imagination Institute tour. The new version pointedly was branded Journey Into Imagination with Figment.

….and so now that is what it is…..

(SPOILER ALERT) this is part of the ride if you want to be surprised….DON’T WATCH!

Figment (Click to watch video)

and then of course there’s the SHOPPING!!!!

Figment Trivia…

Did you know that Figment has briefly appeared in several educational short films in the early ’80s two of which featured Peter Pan and Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

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