Pins….Pins…Pins….OH MY!

ok, I admit…this has gotten out of hand!

originally we bought a handful of pins that the boys could trade when we came to the parks.

We are now at approximately 200!

It has somehow morphed and escalated to a FULL BLOWN PIN ADDICTION!

Seriously. It is now the main focus of every visit to the parks, hotels, downtown Disney and even the Disney outlet stores!

We focus on specific pins that we MUST get to complete a collection…and yes we are known to run down that person or cast member that may have that pin. Hey, It’s important! πŸ™‚

and an added bonus of course is the “limited” pins….It’s good to know the “right” people! (wink wink)

YUP! that’s how I got this LIMITED “Vacation Club” pin! Whoo hoo! How cute is that!!! hmmmmm I wonder if it’s part of a set! (just kidding)


Although I guess I shouldn’t complain…there are worse addictions…….for example….VINYLMATIONS!

(I don’t even want to get started with that!) …….yet. πŸ™‚



3 Responses to “Pins….Pins…Pins….OH MY!”

  1. It is truly a cult (LOL)! We got sucked in by another family while on a Disney Cruise and have just had to “step away from the pins”!!!!

    • Walk up to any cast member that is riwaeng a lapel with pins. Ask them if they would like to trade a pin that you are riwaeng for a pin that they are riwaeng. Some places have a book that you can look through and then you can take from there and then leave one of your own, this is done at the Wilderness Lodge’s pin trading stand, it may be done at other places too but that is the one place I know about. Also, if you are a child or have a child, there are certain cast members that will trade with children only (I think their lapels are green). Also, just remember when buying your pins to trade, start with a starter set. This includes your lapel and about 4-5 pins some are duplicates. When going up to the castmember, trade one of your duplicates for one of his. Don’t trade pins that mean something to you. My family does pin trading all the time while we are at WDW, it is really fun you will love it.References :

  2. LOL! I try to step away but get sucked right back in!!! πŸ™‚

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