50’s Prime Time Café

The 50’s Prime Time Cafe is located in Hollywood Studios.

Talk about Nostalgia!

Get ready for a wait in Dad’s living room! and a meal in Mom’s kitchen!

NO kidding! the whole place is decorated like a house straight out of the 1950s, including accessories, decorations, calendars, and even those old black-and-white TVs! While I Love Lucy and The Donna Reed Show play on a television screen, you can feast on meat loaf, pot roast, tuna casserole and fried chicken, all served on a Formica tabletop.  Now they aren’t quite as good as Mom used to make, but close.  Also keep your elbows off the table you never know when mom is watching! the servers really get into it so be on your best behavior or you may find yourself standing in the corner!  The server that you get can make the difference from having a good time or having a great time dining there.  They play a key role in the experience and the fun.

This is not an upscale place with gourmet food or the place for  a romantic dinner.  It is a fun and entertaining dining option and I think it is one of the better themed restaurants at Disney World.  The food is good, comfort food. Nothing fancy.  Know that going in and you will be fine.
Most families will have no problem finding something on the menu that each person will enjoy.  It is almost just like home.
I would recommend it.  This truly qualifies as an attraction as well as a restaurant.
Try it!

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