Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary Resort located adjacent to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is typically a resort which many guests prefer to stay because of its location. It has 1,013 rooms and 25 suites.
But in my opinion if you don’t stay here you are not missing much. They call it sleek & modern but I call it cold and plain. I feel that it should have more of a Disney feel and less of the business meeting feel that it has.
The A-frame hotel has monorails whizzing through the lobby, (which is pretty awesome) giving a futuristic appearance to the resort which separates the Seven Seas Lagoon from Bay Lake.

Upon entering the lobby,  you are greeted by the feeling of a very stream-lined, city-like feel. Marble floors and walls are cream-colored and sparsely decorated. In short a very “contemporary” feel….and I have to add a strange musty smell.  I only mention this because I have been here a few times and have always noticed it. Strange.


What is great at this resort is Chef Mickey’s ….check out my review of the restaurant under Categories…Disney Dining.

Check out more photos…


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