Pop Century


Disney’s Pop Century Resort is a Value Resort hotel featuring giant icons that salute many of the 20th-century popular culture crazes—including toys, gadgets, music, movies, fads and catch phrases.

There are many advantages to staying on the Disney World property and the value resorts are the least expensive way to do that. If I had to choose among the three this one is my favorite. It was also remodeled in 2010 so it still has that NEW smell!  They are all basic but Pop Century just seems to be a notch higher then the others.  The rooms are rather plain but still have that Disney feel.  The grounds are AWESOME especially if you have younger children. Oversized cartoon characters, big wheels, yo yo’s, bowling pins and much much more will keep your kids in awe…

It is a large property 2880 rooms in all, 3 swimming pools a children’s pool and an arcade.


You won’t get any special “perks” at his property but it will be clean and FUN!

Check out more detailed pics……https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150350148613853.356269.142061353852&type=3

4 Responses to “Pop Century”

  1. I was wondering about the value resorts. I know when I worked at AAV I had some complaints, I think on the All star properties. Isn’t the Pop Century the newest one??? I guess people who couldn’t afford the Dolphin (that’s not techincally Disney property is it?) or the Polynesian, etc. wanted to stay on property, spend less and I guess still expect the perks of the high dollar properties. Are the rooms small??? I also had some complaints on Caribbean Beach, which I thought was one of the nicer moderates?? Any feedback??

  2. Well my theory is you get what you pay for. It won’t have a coffee maker or a fridge and the bedding won’t be as comfy but you will have the disney transportation and the extra magic hours. I like the Caribbean beach also but it is a very large property so that may be why people complain. I think it has a great theme!

    • This is true. Can’t expect upscale ameneties from a value property. But it sounds like if you don’t have as much money this would be the way to go for the extra perks.

  3. Exactly! better to stay at a value then not go! 🙂

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