Toy Story Mania!

Finally after many many attempts we got on


(and it was ONLY a 45 minute wait) seriously the shortest we have seen in a while!  If Fastpass is offered, take one and return later.  It is located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park at Pixar Place.

The queue itself is FUN…classic games like scrabble and candy land is what you will walk through.  A 5 foot audioanimatronic of Mr. Potato Head greets you on your walk through. When you ask him questions he talks back…you can actually carry a conversation!

Soon you will grab a pair of 3-D glasses before boarding your ride vehicle. Soon, you’re whirling onto the midway where you can use your car’s spring-action shooters to launch darts at balloons, toss rings at aliens, and splatter eggs at barnyard targets. Just as in the Magic Kingdom’s Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, you’ll rack up points for targets hit and see your tally at ride’s end.  I recommend it! LOTS of fun!

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