Festival of the Lion King

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Festival of the Lion King brings the familiar characters of the Disney animated classic film The Lion King from the movie screen to the stage .

This scheduled 30-minute big-as-Broadway live show combines the pageantry of a parade with a tribal celebration.

This is my favorite show at the Animal Kingdom.  It will keep adults and kids entertained.  It does have a story line but they incorporate so much more into the show (juggling, dancing, acrobats) that even the youngest child will love it.  I truly became a Disney “FAN” when I had children. Seeing it through their eyes really made me truly appreciate it.  Now I am officially “HOOKED”.

I do have to say though that while we were there we sat next to an older couple, by older I mean well into their 70’s. It was fun to watch them enjoy the show and believe me they did. They sang every song and danced throughout the entire 30 minutes. Just a little more of the Disney magic I guess! Don’t miss this! It’s really worth seeing!

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