Funnel Cakes at Epcot…..Oh YES!

I admit…It doesn’t take much to get me to the parks. Not much convincing is needed, no arm twisting and no begging! this past weekend all it took was “Hey Mom” lets go to Epcot and get a Funnel Cake?! hmmmmmm well ok! why not!

These can be found in a little booth near the American Pavilion. You can’t miss it just follow your nose! They start at $6 and go up as you choose your toppings. You can get powdered sugar, chocolate, ice cream ect.  We usually stick with just the powdered sugar but next time I may get daring and go for the chocolate! The deep fried ice cream is also on my list! Hey life is SHORT! and these are a MUST do!




Funnel Cake with sugar for $6

Funnel Cake with vanilla ice cream ADD $2.25

Funnel Cake with fruit ADD $2.00

Funnel Cake with chocolate sauce ADD $1.00

Other menu items include

Fried ice cream $5.50

Bottled water $2.50



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