It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Seaworld. Well lets me honest more like 15 years or so! For us this was a park that we did in 1 day and I think that was enough time. Whether it’s because it’s stuffed with marine biologists who are interested in talking about their subject I don’t know but it is a relaxing and informative place to visit.  I didn’t have the feeling that I needed to rush. Which was a great change of pace!  Many of the activities are  hands on you actually touch the dolphins and stingrays and even feed them.The rides range from small for the little ones to the Manta roller coaster for the more adventurous! So there is something for everyone!

This is one of the first theme parks to open in Orlando, SeaWorld has been operating here for more than 30 years. The 200 acres of attractions and animal shows make this a perennial favorite with Florida visitors. Many new attractions and rides have been added to the original fun including a laser-fireworks-water extravaganza and high-tech thrill rides.

It is a good break from the faster paced parks.

Check out my pics…

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