Disney’s Castaway Cay

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Castaway Cay is officially one of my favorite places on Earth! 
I would take another cruise just to go there! I can honestly say this was the best part of the whole trip. The water is beautiful. There is something for everyone to do; water slides, palm trees to lay under, water bikes, stingrays, snorkeling, bicycles, massages cabanas, endless drinks and even places to eat.

 Disney makes everything easy for you, and the food, childcare, and beach experience is no exception. The new water slide was great, but you have to swim out and back about 50 yards to use it. Disney’s idea of a buffer, I guess. The entire operation was well supervised with life jackets for kids who were not great swimmers. The “Spring-a-Leak” water playground may not look like much to an adult (a series of spouting water), but every kid between 3-10 loved it. They also have a kids club, which features a “whale Dig” children dig for whalebones in the sand. As adults is was great to be able to relax at a beach knowing kids were engaged and safe. Which brings me to Serenity Bay, this is a adults only beach. The sand is white….the water a clear turquoise! It is beautiful and quiet! HEAVEN!

Check out my pics…


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